High school sweethearts parted ways and married other people; 64 years later, he can’t get her off his mind

'They say a person never forgets their first real love.'

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  • Six decades after her high school prom, Joyce Kevorkian received a phone call from her past boyfriend while shopping with her granddaughter. After hanging up, Kevorkian turned to her granddaughter and said, "Well, that was a strange phone call. He asked me to marry him."

    Kevorkian and her high school boyfriend, Jim Bowman, parted ways after high school, married other people and lived happy lives with their spouses. They kept in touch over the years only "once in a blue moon" until both of their spouses passed away.

    About a year after Bowman's wife passed away, he reached out to Kevorkian to ask for help in planning a high school reunion. Her husband had died five years before.

    They continued to keep in touch and their phone calls soon turned into visits.

    "My Grandma started smiling again," her granddaughter Anna Harris said. "Our talks were about her future and what she looked forward to ... she became herself again."

  • The two lovebirds picked up right where they left off

    Bowman said the spark they felt in high school reignited.

    "They say a person never forgets their first real love," he said, "and it was like there was a spark that was still smoldering in each of our hearts."

    A few months later, Jim proposed. Harris said her grandmother didn't hesitate at all and happily accepted.

    "You could see on the phone how obviously in love she was," Harris said. "She was all giggly. It's really sweet."

  • The high school sweethearts plan to spend the rest of their lives together

    Both 81 years old, Bowman and Kevorkian were married on April Fool's Day (no joke) surrounded by close friends and family. Kevorkian's granddaughter was her maid of honor.

    "The best part is just how happy they both are," Harris said. " When you watch them it's like two high schoolers that just started dating."

    That's exactly what they're doing - picking up where they left off in 1953.

    "She's more beautiful today than she was 64 years ago," Bowman said of his new bride.

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