4 signs his love is really jealousy

You may think your man is super into you. But these four signs mean his 'love' is really just jealousy.

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  • It feels nice when your guy really claims you. He lets you and others know how much you mean to him and how far he's willing to go to make your union known. But shouting your love from the rooftops isn't the same as a jealous display. And possessiveness early on can spell bigger problems for your relationship down the road. So keep an eye out for these four signs, because you may think they mean love, but they're really just jealousy.

  • 1. Physical dominance

  • When a man is jealous of the attention his woman is getting, he may take on the task physically. It may seem super loving when he becomes overly affectionate and makes constant contact with you, but this is really his way of marking you as his.

  • He's showing the other men in the room you're taken. If you're too close to someone, he may step in between you two, blocking other males from being near you or in their line of sight. He may even suggest moving or leading you elsewhere, shifting your location away from other guys.

  • 2. Clothes control

  • It's nice to know your guy appreciates your outfits. It can feel romantic when he buys you clothes or picks out your apparel. But when his suggestions become forceful, it's because he needs to control your image.

  • He may want you to be dolled up so he can show you off to other people. But when he's jealous he'll try to tone you down. He'll ask you to cover up, wear neutral colors, play down your hair and even take off your makeup. And flashy jewelry and sexy heels are out of the question. He could play it off like dressing up and being fancy is something special and just meant to be shared between the two of you, but really he's concerned about the attention you'll get if you beautify a tad too much.

  • 3. Couples only

  • It sounds like love when your man wants to spend all of his time with you. He'll ask you to stay instead of going out with your friends. Or he'll insist on tagging along on your outings and participating in your hobbies. But this is jealousy disguised as a sweet gesture.

  • Of course you want to spend time with him. But doing everything together encroaches on your independence. And once you get used to always having him around, you'll start to feel lost and lonely when you do venture out on your own. You can become reserved and feel monitored even when you do get a chance to breathe and go solo.

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  • 4. Privacy problem

  • Partners sharing email, social media and other account passwords is commonplace nowadays. It can be practical to have access to the same information when it's needed. But most people still maintain their privacy by keeping their actual accounts private and separate.

  • It's cute to have a shared account to post pictures from, but it's also a way to keep you and your goings-on close. It's easy to control the image of your relationship and put forth a united front no matter what's going on behind closed doors.

  • Love allows you to be yourself and have your own life. It is balanced and makes you feel secure on your own and with your partner. Jealousy makes your world feel smaller and keeps you contained. Possessiveness and insecurity are not romantic. Love empowers while jealousy overbears. So keep these signs in mind, allow a little breathing room and open up your relationship to some real love.

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