There's finally an INSANELY HUGE mattress so you can co-sleep with your family comfortably

Seriously, this bed is big.

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  • If your kids squirm into your bed regularly, you know that some way or another you're going to end up with a little less blankets than you like and some random person's foot in your mouth (oh, please no). That's the reality of a bunch of unconscious people squished into a tiny space.

  • But there is hope.

  • The Ace Collection has developed a crazy giant bed so your sleepy kids will be able to keep their feet to themselves.

  • Here's what we're dealing with:

  • Picture via Ace Collection

  • I know, right? And the dimensions are just enormous.

  • Picture via Ace Collection

  • So, you might have to knock out a wall (or two) to make space for your bed, but that's a small price to pay for endless nights of good sleep.

  • If you decide to get this monstrously huge bed to fill your family with, remember there are a few guidelines from the American Academy of Pediatrics when it comes to co-sleeping with little ones:

    • Do not co-sleep with a baby younger than 4 months (however, room-sharing is recommended).

    • Never place a baby in a bed when other bed-sharers are unaware of the baby's presence.

    • Anyone taking medications or sedatives or people who are intoxicated should not co-sleep since they are not easily roused.

    • Tie back long hair so the baby does not become entangled in it.

    • Infants should always sleep on a firm surface on their back without pillows, toys, bumper pads, loose bedding, etc.

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