Scientists are fighting for a ban on this common item your children use all the time

You probably have this in your house right now.

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  • Take a look in your arts and crafts cabinet, makeup drawer or nail polish bag and you'll probably find a common item - glitter. One of my friends in high school actually carried around a jar of the sparkly stuff and threw it up in the air whenever someone was feeling sad. It was magical.

  • However, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but my glitter-loving friends aren't going to love what scientists have to say about the synthetic goodness.

  • Scientists are fighting for a ban on glitter because it's becoming a global hazard to marine life. You read that right - a global hazard.

  • According to Little Things, the problem stems from a single ingredient used in production - polyethylene - that is toxic to marine life.

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  • Before you get rid of all the glitter in your house, scientists are saying that crafting glitter isn't hazardous to marine life like cosmetic glitter is. They're made out of the same material, but crafting glitter doesn't get washed down the shower drain, and it doesn't end up in the ocean.

  • So if you're a glitter-loving person like I am, don't worry - there are always alternatives. Just make sure to look at the ingredient list when you're buying glitter, and if it doesn't include polyethylene, you should be good to go.

  • Also, because we know how much joy glitter brings to your life, here's a picture of a glitter beard. You're welcome.

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