Is he a good fit or are you just lonely?

Here’s how to tell if he’s the guy for you or if you’re just lonely.

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  • He might be the guy of your dreams or you might be more in love with the idea of love than you are with your actual sweetheart. Don't settle for anything less than you want and deserve. Here's how to know if he's a good fit or if you're just lonely:

  • He's a good fit

  • You can't wait to hear all about his day

  • You're just lonely

  • You go days without talking

  • He's a good fit if you love hearing about his day - even the most mundane parts. Couples who love each other truly care about one another. If you find yourself uninterested in his day-to-day struggles and successes and only reach out when you need someone to hang out with, you might just be lonely.

  • He's a good fit

  • You've met each other's family

  • You're just lonely

  • He doesn't show interest in spending time with your family

  • He's a good fit if you've met each other's family, but if either of you don't show interest in getting to know each other's families more, you might just be lonely. People who truly love each other want to integrate themselves into their sweetheart's family. After all, people say when you marry someone, you marry the family.

  • He's a good fit

  • You show love in your sweetheart's love language

  • You're just lonely

  • You know each other's love languages

  • He's a good fit if you show love in his love language. You understand the way he likes to receive love and shower him with love in those areas. But if you're just in the relationship to avoid loneliness, you know each other's love language but don't do anything with it. Being a good fit means going beyond just knowing - it also means taking action to do something nice for your love.

  • He's a good fit

  • He's the first person you share good news with

  • You're just lonely

  • You call your BFF first with good news

  • If he's the first person you want to call when you get good news, he's the one for you. If the first person you think to tell is your close friend, then your man isn't number one in your life. It doesn't mean he's not important to you, but it is a sign you should consider who means most to you. Find someone you love enough to prioritize in your life, and make sure he prioritizes you just as much.

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  • He's a good fit

  • You know his favorite food

  • You're just lonely

  • He doesn't know your favorite food

  • When you love someone, you make it a point to get to know every small detail about them. But if he doesn't try to get to know you, this relationship might be one-sided. It's not a good fit if you're into him more than he's into you.

  • He's a good fit

  • You feel valued around him

  • You're just lonely

  • He belittles you

  • A great guy will never tear you down. If he belittles you often, you might just be sticking around in fear of being alone. But being alone is far better than feeling terrible with someone else. Leave a toxic relationship so you can be with someone who knows your worth.

  • Remember that recognizing just one of these aspects doesn't mean you're only in a relationship to avoid loneliness. Look for several signs to know if he's a good fit. And ultimately, trust your heart. You know better than anyone else who's right for you.

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